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Integrated Development Plan of Iasi Growth Pole

Spatial profile

Iasi is the most developed urban center of the North East region, the other municipalities of the county seat may not compete in terms of the role of a growth pole. In the region of development, there is the risk of concentrating resources to Iasi and enlarge the gaps in the localities network. The unbalanced spatial structure of towns distribution in the county, as a result of historical development of Iasi and the capital of Moldova including territories and beyond the Prut is a problem, because the urban development of Iasi can increase the concentration processes of population in its area, and by depopulation of the rest of the county. Consequently, the development of Iasi must be balanced with the other territory towns.
Iasi is a rank I city, city of national importance, with regional role and potential influence on the European level. Its polarizing role is even greater as in the North East Development Region, Iasi is surrounded by several rural areas characterized by the absence of central sub-centers, consequence is the classification of the entire region to the European continent.
On the other hand, by its geographical position within the European Union, Iasul may be a future city-gate to the Russian economic space and further to Asia. Consequently is necessary to take into consideration a number of programs and projects, first, solving the problems of the region's development, and on the other hand, programs that exploit its geographical position in Europe.
Faced with the same problems acting nationally in this period of economic and social reform, the county and the system highlghits the performance indicators to different situations.
Although the city is located eccentric leave, it noted that the network communications is dense - about 75.0% of the population of Iasi enjoys a favorable accessibility to the center that provides the required facilities and services

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