"IASI a metropolis of knowledge, culture, economic competitiveness and intelligent services."
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    În data de 23 ianuarie 2013 reprezentanții zonei metropolitane Iași...continuare
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Integrated Plan of Development


With a population about 300.000 inhabitants , Iasi is the second largest city of the country , after the capital Bucharest and an important factor of economical, social an territorial cohesion for the neighbourhoods communitties. According to this role , in 2004 was established by the decision of loca councils the first Association between communitties from Romania - Iasi Metropolitan Area.

The Iasi Metropolitan Area is located in the northeastern part of Romania, in the central-eastern part of Iasi and represents approximately half of county inhabitants and a third of its territory.

The Metropolitan Area limits are:

-in the north is the Republic of Moldavia through the Prut river;

-in the west are the neighbours of the commune members of metropolitan Area: Tiganasi, Movileni, Romanesti, Dumesti, Horlesti, Voinesti, Mogosesti;

-in the south are the communes Grajduri, Dobrovat, Ciortesti, Vaslui County;

-in the east are the communes: Costuleni, Comarna, Tutora, Golaesti and tehe Republic of Moldavia.

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