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  • » Ianuarie 2013
    În data de 23 ianuarie 2013 reprezentanții zonei metropolitane Iași...continuare
  • » Decembrie 2012
    Luni, 03 Decembrie 2012, în cadrul Primăriei Municipiului Iaşi, a avut loc şedinţa....continuare



The Iasi Metropolitan Area Association is a non-governmental organisation, run by the Metropolitan Council. The council is made up of the representatives appointed by the Local Councils and the County Council, one representative having one vote for each of the partner units. The chairman position in the Association is at all times held by whoever is the current mayor of Iasi City Hall. One of the vice-presidents is the president of the County Council and the other, by yearly rotation, one of the mayors of the member communes. The Metropolitan Council makes its decisions based on the technical documentation the officially appointed specialists write and on the activities they perform; the specialists form three technical committees: the Strategy and Space Planning Committee, the Financial Planning Committee and the Public Services Committee. These committees ensure the interaction with the citizens through the Citizen Consultation Committees, made up of local leaders. Thus, the local communities are involved in the process of making decisions concerning the identification of strategic objectives, of development priorities at local and metropolitan level, of the investments involved etc.

The Metropolitan Council has as its allies the representatives of the decision-making factors, in specialised Committees in the following domains: Public Services Development (public services representatives) and Local Economic Development (private sector representatives). A third committee is made of personalities from key domains of expertise the Expert Group; its members come from the academic and research environment, from top scientific and professional groups and from private companies, and they provide consultancy services in specific interest fields, at the request of the Metropolitan Council.

As an executive instrument, the Metropolitan Council has founded the Metropolitan Development Agency, which manages the activities needed for planning, implementing and monitoring metropolitan development projects, for writing funding applications and for running the current administrative activities.