"IASI a metropolis of knowledge, culture, economic competitiveness and intelligent services."
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    În data de 23 ianuarie 2013 reprezentanții zonei metropolitane Iași...continuare
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    Luni, 03 Decembrie 2012, în cadrul Primăriei Municipiului Iaşi, a avut loc şedinţa....continuare


Development objectives

Vision Development:

Growth Pole Iasi is a metropolitan community polycentric developed, based on territorial solidarity, cohesion and performance services, a regional center for knowledge and competitiveness, a space of national identity and an important joint between East and West, at the European scale

The strategic objectives of development are

I.Economic competitiviness based on the promotion of new, creative and eco industries

Specific objectives:
I.1 Sector development and modernization of production and related logistic support
I.2 Unlocking the potential of information and communication technologies (ICT) and its application in the public sector (administration) and private sector (citizens, businesses)
I.3 Increased capacity in research and development and to develop and improve cooperation between --research and Development Innovation institutions and industry

II. Developed territorial connectivity

Specific objectives:
II.1 Modernization of transport infrastructure
II.2 Improve traffic safety.

III. Improved social services

Specific objectives:
III.1 Rehabilitation, modernization of educational services, health and social services.
III.2 creation and development of social services

IV. Cultural and historical heritage and natural exploited

Specific objectives:
IV.1 Rehabilitation and preservation of cultural heritage- history and natural
IV.2 Promote tourism potential

V. Environmental protection and quality assured

Specific objectives:
V.1 Development of integrated infrastructure water and sewage
V.2 Creating integrated waste system and expansion of municipal infrastructure
V.3 Prevention of natural risks and improve soil quality

VI.Regional cooperation and partnership

- Cross-border cooperation
- Transnational cooperation
- Interregional cooperation