"IASI a metropolis of knowledge, culture, economic competitiveness and intelligent services."
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    În data de 23 ianuarie 2013 reprezentanții zonei metropolitane Iași...continuare
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Values and competitive advantages

What values and competitive advantages fuel the development ambitions of the Iasi Metropolitan Area?

  • Iasi Metropolitan Area is the most relevant development hub in Moldavia, that is in an area that represents approximately 20% of the total area of Romania, with a similar percentage of inhabitants;
  • Its geographic location positions it as a metropolitan area at the border with the Republic of Moldova and European Union border; this advantage is supported by the plans to develop the infrastructures and the cooperation initiated at technical level between the North-East Development Agency, the Metropolitan Area and the partner counties across the Prut;
  • The metropolitan alliance, with its resources and its multi-faceted potential, holds the strongest position in the region (The North-East Region and Moldavia in general); in order to approach development partnerships in an integrated fashion, the members of the Metropolitan Area started planning development in partnership on medium and long term with the member counties of the region;
  • The historical plans concerning the East-West cooperation and the connection between Moldavia and Transylvania are taken up again by the metropolitan partners and supported by all the decision-making levels in the partnerships at all the territory levels;
  • The quality of services and of the research and development equipment, the affinity for cultural and artistic values, as well as the tradition in academic education set the Metropolitan Area in a top position in Moldavia;
  • The young workforce is of high quality, highly and diversely qualified, as well as low-priced;
  • The local communities are open and educated, keepers of values and traditions;
  • The telecommunications, technology and business infrastructures provide an environment that is favourable to developing local business and to attracting new ones;
  • The physical accessibility of the area is of good quality, diverse and developing continuously (the airport is currently undergoing extension works);
  • Cooperation at several territory levels and in various domains, accessibility in development, provide good opportunities for developing the markets;
  • The Metropolitan Area is the custodian of a set of cultural, artistic, scientific, heritage and tourism values that make it uniquely attractive in Moldavia and in Romania;
  • The historical past (former capital city), the institutional, cultural, academic and representation structures, the international relations, the cosmopolitan character, the wide array of values and traditions bestow on the Metropolitan Area stature and prestige.